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Since 2005 I have been self-appointed Chairman of the Friends of the Froth Blowers (F.O.F.B.), a group of people wishing to keep alive the memory of Ye Ancient Order of Froth Blowers (1924-1931). This spoof Order was dreamed up by Bert Temple, a London silk-merchant, in order to raise £100 for the children's charities of Sir Alfred Fripp, the surgeon whose skill had saved his life. By the time of their deaths, seven years later, nearly 700,000 people from around the world had joined the A.O.F.B. - and raised over £100,000 (£6m in todays money).

The motto of the A.O.F.B. was 'Lubrication in Moderation,' which was both humorous and serious as they wanted to be thought of as a charitable organisation not a beer-swilling one - especially Sir Alfred Fripp, A.O.F.B. No.1, surgeon to the King. This motto figures on all our pump-clips.

So, having enough money to 'follow my dream' - and two stepsons, Neil and Andrew, willing to take the financial plunge - I found a site and ordered a 6BBL brewery so that I could perpetuate the Froth Blowers' name and drinking philosophy. This was in August, 2012. In October, 2013, we sold our first ten (c. half-brew-length) firkins of Piffle Snonker. We now operate on an 18 BBL and have the 6BBL for more niche and seasonal brews.

Neil has now retired so Andrew and I run the brewery with his daughter, Emma, as 'Office Supremo.' Son, Sam, helps when back from University.


David Woodhead

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